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Preparation for Big Dam Bridge 100 is under way: A number of local rides in the coming weeks are aimed at preparing for BDB 100 in Little Rock, AR., the last weekend of September. See the Ride Calendar page.

Ride Calendar Updated: See the Ride Calendar page for a downloadable list of local and club rides.

It’s Active: Online club membership: https://secure.getmeregistered.com/ShreveportBicycleClub

The easy on-line way is the only way to join or renew. Please don’t mail a check or give your money or check to an officer; they can’t set you up online. The link is also on the membership page.

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TUESDAY/THURSDAY RIDES: These rides are suspended until the return of Daylight Savings Time in the spring . Check the egroup for rides that may be leaving earlier in the afternoon.  SEE THE CHURCH’S RULES REGARDING USING THEIR LOT BELOW. SHARE THEM WITH THE OTHER CLUBS.

WEDNESDAY SOCIAL RIDES: These club rides, which feature a no-drop vibe, will return in the spring.  There will probably continue to be folks that ride from the Pecan Station on Wednesday, however, they will be leaving earlier. Watch for posts of Wednesday evening rides.

EXPANDED PACELINE GUIDE: Check out the  expanded guide to the care and feeding of a paceline, now with graphics and a link to an instructive video.  Click the link in the reverse bar above.



Event rides see Calendar page and expanded list on Application-Download page.


Saturday: What: 30-60 miles Where: Ellerbe Road Baptist Church, 10705 Ellerbe Road When: 7:30 a.m.

Tue-Thur during Daylight Saving Time: What: 20-30 mile ride. Where: Ellerbe Road Baptist Church, 10705 Ellerbe Road When: Start time: 6:00 p.m. Group is leaving earlier due to the failing fall light.

Please note that Ellerbe Road Baptist allows us to use their lot. We are guests there. Park on the west side of the lot; pick up all trash. Refrain from offensive language. DON’T USE THE LOT ON WEDNESDAYS, SUNDAYS or other days the church reserves for its exclusive use. A guideline for our continued list was recently provided. See below:

1. Under no circumstances should anyone eliminate bodily waste on the property.

2. No one has permission to change clothes, in their car or otherwise, on the church property.  We have received complaints even from other riders about this practice.

3. On Saturdays, please do not park on the north row (closest to Leonard Road) so that our yard maintenance personnel can mow and edge the parking lot without fear  of hitting a car with equipment or flying debris.  Everyone parks in the church parking lots at their own risk.  The church assumes no responsibility or  liability for loss or damage to the parker’s property in any circumstance.


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